Half Moon.

This week has officially been the worst I’ve ever experienced in a long time. But, that’s okay because the world has a weird way of working.

Despite being the worst week, good things happened. Not necessarily to me but they made me happy anyways. My senpai not only won a damn Kindle in a contest but she’s also finally coming back to KL to study! I’ve missed her so much, just knowing that she’ll be back in this city is already making it look prettier by the second. It’s crazy, I need to stop being so overly-emotional, HAHAHA.

The one thing I’m so glad for doing in my first semester of my college years is being close with my senpais, honestly. I remember lowkey regretting not spending as much time with my friends in my own cohort as I did with them but now, I can honestly say I don’t regret it a single bit. It’s the senpais that stuck around and mean so much to me now while I’ve got like what, 3 cohort mates worth sticking around for? So yes, for once Leyasheena Panicker did make a good choice in her life and I’m so proud of that.

I also found out (through an ad! That one time having AdBlock was actually a damn liability) that there actually is a contest to win iKON tickets for their concert here? It seems fairly simple and it would be fantastic to win tickets, obviously, but even if I don’t win I wouldn’t be too banged up about it. Let’s hope that the next time I blog about this, it’s with positive news though.

To wrap this up, I hope that good things will come my way soon (I don’t think that’s asking for too much after considering how goddamn awful this week has been) and that everyone just has a good week in general.



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