Tell Me What To Do.

Funny how I always seem to come back to writing when I’m back here in my hometown.

Hello blog, old friend.

It’s been heck of a while since a post, eh? So much has happened since; I finished A Levels, had such good laughs, moved out and here I am. Back here, where I started.

I feel so particularly emotional because of how everything seems somewhat similar to this time round last year, except it’s not. BTS had just released HYYH pt. 2, but now they’ve won their first MAMA award for Artist of The Year. I was struggling over my assignments, but now I’m done with A Levels. I couldn’t wait for January to come around because it meant going back to my reality; but now it’s one that doesn’t exist anymore.

It’s going to be hard to adapt to life back here. In a way, I became too careless in the city. I I tried to be comfortable with myself, tried embracing all these oddities, tried to be happy.

I forgot that coming back home meant that all of those were no longer possibilities.

It may seem like I’m over dramatizing the situation (I mean… I was the damn president of a fucking performing arts club…) but it honestly is quite bad for me now that I’m back. I’m being forced to fit in into this awful mould that I never was a part of initially and, well, it’s terrible. It’s damaging to me because I have all this pent up anger and sadness but there’s nothing I can do about my current situation but wait it out.

I just can’t believe that it’s so wrong to be a person here.

But yeah, I’ll probably (no promises) write more now that I’m here and have nothing else to do. Unfortunately, this place doesn’t have as many distractions as the city offered me.




PS: I don’t think I can avoid the Song-Titles-As-Blog-Titles thing. Goddamn.


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