I think at the point there’s no avoiding the song-titles-as-blog-titles, to be honest. Today’s one is from Yiruma, and it was the first option in my Spotify’s Discover Weekly! I greatly appreciated this week’s selection and even saved it because of how good it was omg.

Anyway, the reason why I’m sat here typing is because I realised I may be responsible for some of the reasons as to why I’m always so upset. And it’s simply because of myself.

I love too much, which isn’t too bad but what is is when I put others before myself and then get upset when I realise they wouldn’t do the same. The thing is that it’s okay to put yourself first, so they aren’t in the wrong. I am, because I am willingly sacrificing myself for others, and that is something no one even asked for in the first place. So by doing so, I am the only one to blame. Therefore, it is my fault for constantly being so disappointed all the time and just…..sad about things. It’s tough for me to even realise this because I just have been doing it all my life, and I’ve always ended up with the same result and I never understood why. But perhaps this will be the start of fixing myself and letting that little girl know that it’s okay to put your heart out there, but just make sure you know what are the consequences of doing so.

So, 2017….. let’s try something new this year.

Let’s try making you your own focus for once.


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